“Desta” pellet boilers have a number of advantages over classic solid fuel boilers and water jacket fireplaces. The pellet boiler is a modern, highly efficient appliance with four flue trains. It can work independently – with a minimal need for human intervention.

With a sufficient volume of the pellet hopper, the boiler may not be refuelled for 3-5 days, and cleaning can occur 1-2 times a week. As a result of pellet burning, there is minimal release of harmful emissions and waste products.

“Desta” pellet boilers have easy and intuitive to control due to their highly automated controller.

Boilers can also be manufactured based on specific customer requirements (different size, left or right hopper) and respond to the specific needs of each heating installation.

The pellet boiler is a recommended solution for single- and multifamily houses that want to combine the benefits of pellets with those of a solar installation.

Alternatively the boiler can run on solid fuel (wood and coal) as well as electric heaters of varying power.

“Desta” pellet burners are equipped with:

  • Electronic controller;
  • Automatic firing and pellet feeding;
  • Automatic cleaning system;
  • Automatically adjusting the air flow rate;
  • Anti-fire system;
  • Temperature protection;
  • Air flow rate control system;
  • Power Modulation System;
  • Ability to control by external thermostat;
  • Ability to control the circulation pump heating.

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